Online Class Notes (Lily)


1. ridiculous (adj)= 荒谬的 难以置信的
ex: it’s ridicuous that people think ShuangHuangLian will cure the virus.

2. illusional (adj)= 错觉的
ex: Grace, I saw you on the street yesterday! You’re illusional.

3. delusional (adk)= 妄想的
ex: He’s talking to the air, he’s delusional.

4. lure (verb)= 勾引 诱惑
seduce (verb)= 勾引
ex: You can seduce my daughter with her favourite cookie.
ex: Most advertisements are good at luring their customers.

5. devoted = 投入的
ex: Don’t be too devoted in a long distance relationship.

6. threaten = 警告 威胁
ex: Elva was threatening her young boyfriend not to talk too much.

7. inherit (verb)= 继承
inheritance (noun)= 继承 遗产
ex: Elva inherited 1 billion from her mother.
ex: I would I would get a big inheritance.

8. I feel sick= 我感觉很恶心(想吐)
ex: I feel sick in the morning.

9. morning sickness = 晨吐
ex: Pregnant women will experience morning sickness for the first three months.

10. hilarious (adj)= 滑稽的
ex: People say “I can finally undersand my dog”, this is hilarious.