Online Class Notes (Lily)


I haven’t a dog–> I don’t have a dog
I haven’t money –> I don’t have money

haven’t + past past verb
ex: I haven’t finished my homework
ex: I haven’t been to Japan


1.put on makeup/ do makeup= 化妆
ex: It takes me 10 minutes to do my makeup.
ex: How long does it take you to put on your makeup? 

2. take off makeup/ remove makeup= 卸妆
ex: We need to take off our makeup before we sleep.
ex: How long does it take you to remove your makeup? 

3. makeup remover= 卸妆油/卸妆水
ex: I’ve been using the Bioderma makeup remover for 10 years.

4. lipstick= 唇膏💄
ex: How many lipsticks do you have?
ex: your lipsticks will expire after one year.

5. expire (verb)= 过期
ex: The milk is expired, please throw it away and don’t drink it.
ex: Do you have expired food in your fridge?

6. eyelashes= 睫毛
ex: eyelash extension= 接睫毛
ex: if you have eyelash extensions, then you don’t need to put on mascara 睫毛膏.

7. eyebrow= 眉毛
ex: brow pen=眉笔
ex: I always buy brow pen from Shu Uemura

8. foundation= 粉底液
ex: Recently, I’m using the foundation from Shu Uemura.
ex: It’s very important to use a moisturizing foundation.

9. brand= 牌子
ex: Most girls like luxury brands. 奢侈品

10. (pressed) powder = 粉饼
ex: I always use the powder as the last step of my makeup.

11. blush= 腮红
ex: I always use my pink blush.

12. brush = 刷子
ex: some people like to use their hands instead of the brush.

13. eyeshadow= 眼影
ex: You should buy the eyeshadows from Venus Marble.
ex: it’s difficult to put on eyeshadows with your fingers.