Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:



pollution: damage caused to water, air, etc. by harmful substances or waste

eg. environmental/noise pollution

eg. The fish are dying from pollution.

recycling depot: a place where you put used recycled goods so that they can be processed and be used again

landfill: an area where waste is buried under the ground


a few seconds/minutes/hours


glamorous/glam (spoken): attractive in a special way

eg. She looked very glamorous last night.

ironically: using words that mean the opposite of what you really mean as humour

eg. Ironically, high heels originated from men’s footwear.

ankle: 脚踝

deformed: with a shape that has not developed normally 畸形的;变形的

eg. Wearing high heels for too many years can cause deformed feet.

insole: 鞋垫

booted out: to get rid of something or someone 赶出去,赶走

eg. She was booted out of her house by her parents.


feminine – feh-me-nin

ironically – I-roh-ni-ka-lee