Online Class Notes (Li)


legislate: to make a new law 立法

eg. The government plans to legislate against eating cats and dogs.

eg. It’s difficult to legislate for the ownership of an idea.

flatshare: living in a house with 2 or more people and sharing the cost

eg. I lived in a flatshare with my friends for 3 years.

eg. You can use some flatshare websites to find a place to live.

flatshare – verb

eg. She flatshares with some friends from college.

eg. Most people who can’t afford to live alone will consider flatsharing.

grimy(adj): dirty

eg. Kate is so disgusting, she leaves her grimy plates in the sink for days.

rent(n): a fixed amount you pay every month to use something or live in a place 租金

eg. How much rent do you pay?

eg. The rent increased last year.

rent: to pay money in return for being able to use something or a place that is not yours 出租

eg. We rented a car at the airport.

tenant: a person who pays rent 房客

landlord: a person who owns a place and rents it out 房东

reciprocate: to return the favour to someone who has done something similar to you

eg. He reciprocated by buying them dinner the next week.

eg. It is common sense for you to reciprocate when others are kind to you.

own up: admit to doing something

eg. Luke did not own up to stealing Amy’s milk.


I think I don’t allergic to fish – I think I am not allergic to fish

I had lost myself in one night – I got lost one night

my phone had turned off because it didn’t have electric – my phone ran out of battery/my phone turned off because it was out of battery 

he had a lot of patient – he had a lot of patience