Online Class Notes (Li)


shoulder-length hair/hair around my shoulders

overslept: to not wake up at the right time

acne: many pimples

eg. My friends had a lot of acne when they were in high school.

emoticon: 表情符号

eg. WeChat emoticons

presale: sell something before its available

home appliances: 家电

auction: a public sale event for goods where the highest buyer gets the item

bid: price you’re willing to pay for an item at an auction

eg. He bid for the highest price right before the product was sold to another buyer.

eg. She wanted to buy the painting but couldn’t afford it, so she didn’t bid.


relatives to eating – related to your diet 

this friday our product is going launch – our product is launching this Friday 

if people interest about product – if people are interested in our product 

very good speaker – a very good communicator