Online Class Notes (Li)


decreased/reduced/cut back

run its course: to progress along its cycle of existence

eg. COVID-19 doesn’t have any viable treatments so far. It will just have to run its course.

eg. They broke up because their relationship has run its course.

blessing in disguise: an unfortunate event or situation that results in a positive outcome

eg. Your friend’s early return to China before the lockdown is a blessing in disguise.


working on tax deadlines – working on meeting tax deadlines

business is running low – business is slow/has declined 

if the lockdown is unlocked – if the lockdown ends/when the lockdown is lifted 

you must write down a certification – I must provide a declaration/a certification to prove 

my plan at the moment is to wait the lockdown end – my plan at the moment/so far is to wait for the lockdown to end