Online Class Notes (Li)


tiring: lack of energy 累

it’s a nuisance: 麻烦的

decorate: to make something more attractive by putting objects on it

eg. She decorated her wedding with balloons and flowers.

eg. We’re going to decorate the kitchen this week.

furnish: to make your house look clean and new

eg. The 5-bedroom house is already furnished.

eg. They bought a new house but did not furnish it.

renovate: to make changes/repairs to an old house, room etc.

eg. This building was renovated recently so it looks extremely new.

to deal with/handle/consider

while…. I also….

eg. While I took care of my daughter I also went to the new house frequently.


to fresh the air – to air the house

construct – communicate 

in the same neighbour – in the same neighbourhood 

it didn’t easy – it’s not easy

I can have a little relax – I can take a rest/a break 

do some education about the child – share my ideas about how to educate my child


furniture – fuh-ni-chur

nuisance – new-sense

gym – jim