Online Class Notes (Li)


rainy (adj): to describe the day 下雨的;多雨的

eg. We had two rainy days last week.

raining (v): the verb

eg. It’s raining right now.

organic: natural, not using chemicals 有机

pesticide: chemicals used to kill insects, small animals, wild plants etc. 杀虫剂,农药

eg. The farm does not use pesticides to kill insects.

specialist: someone who is very knowledgeable in a particular subject 专家;专业人员

eg. I met the software specialist at the company’s press conference.

eg. She’s a specialist in cancer research.

nutrients: substances that living things need to live and grow 养分

eg. Plants need good nutrients to grow.


drive – 4 wheels

ride – 2 wheels

persevere: continue to do something even if it’s difficult 坚持

eg. People who persevere till the end can often succeed.

strawberry: 草莓

delayed/postponed: moved to a later date 延期

eg. The exhibition will be postponed.

eg. How long will the flights be delayed for?

start from scratch: to start from the beginning/from nothing

eg. It’s frustrating to start from scratch when you’ve worked so hard on these projects.

eg. I don’t have time to start from scratch so I’ll just use the cake mix from the box.


the first day is raining day – the first day was a rainy day/It was raining on the first day  

I drive the bicycle for half an hour – I rode the bicycle for half an hour

we must be check temperature – we must get our temperature taken/checked 

I can’t go far – I can’t go to places that are far away 

I must by the air – I must travel by plane/I must take the plane 

my sister go to work by bicycle – my sister goes/commutes to work by bike