Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:


grimy: dirt that covers a surface

eg. The windows were covered with grime.

tenants: people who rent a place

prior: before

eg. She had an active lifestyle prior to the accident.

pilfer: to steal things of small value 一点一点地偷窃

eg. I caught my flatmate pilfering my food.

thrive: to do well

eg. She seems to thrive on stress.

dormitory: 宿舍

reciprocate: to return a favour/feelings 回报,报答

eg. She reciprocated by inviting them to dinner next week.

eg. Unfortunately, my sister did not reciprocate his feelings.


rota: a list of things that have to be done and of the people who will do them 勤务轮值表

eg. She updates the flat’s rota every week.

caught on fire/when things are on fire


gel – jell