Online Class Notes (Li)


Write down the vocabulary that you are unsure of and we’ll go over them next class.


download: 下载

eg. Jerry downloaded an app this morning.

application/app: computer/phone software

eg. There are many apps on my computer.

error: a mistake 错误

eg. He made an error when submitting his homework.

eg. The letter contains a number of typing errors.

geography: 地理

confirm: to make known that something is definitely happening 确认,确定

eg. 14 people have been confirmed to be missing since last week.

eg. Classes need to be confirmed before students come on the day.

continue: do something without stopping/keep doing something 继续, 持续

eg. He continued to study on his own after class.

eg. She will continue to stay at home until summer.

freedom: to do whatever you want 自由

look forward to/excited to do smth

eg. Do you look forward to going back to school?

eg. Are you excited to go back to school?

cheat: to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something 欺骗,作弊

eg. I had to cheat in order to solve the puzzle.

athletes: 运动员

eg. There are many athletes at the Olympic Games.

tournament: 锦标赛

eg. a tennis/chess/golf tournament


In the May, maybe May the school will open. It is confirmed.

I don’t like live in school because I think live in home is more 自由 because live at school I cannot play game and computer. The teacher will not give us our phone only 5 -10 mins the teacher will give the phone to us to talk to parents or play games. At school homework will be more. At home I have 6 classes right now, at school I will have 10 classes.


In May, maybe May my school will open/commence. It has been confirmed.

I don’t like to live in school because I think living at home has more freedom. I cannot play games and the computer if I live in school.. The teacher will not give us our phone. We are only allowed to have the phone for only 5 -10 mins, the teacher will give the phone to us to talk to parents. At school, we will have more homework. At home, I have 6 classes right now/at the moment, but at school, I will have 10 classes.