Online Class Notes (Li)


Labour day – May 1st

head count: counting the number of people at a place, event etc.

eg. The teacher did a head count when the children got off the bus.

daily limit/cap

it’s a good time to go camping/it’s a good time to camp

homestay: staying at the home of a person you don’t know

eg. We found a homestay that could take us in for the night.

tanned: having darker skin from the sun

eg. He looked so tanned after the summer holiday.

eg. Most people on the beach are looking to get tanned.

UV light/sunlight

rewarding experience: something worthy to do

eg. Hiking up a mountain is a rewarding experience.


even though it’s back to normal at every day – even though everything is back to normal/has returned to normal

to avoid the crowded people – to avoid the crowd 

it seems not crowd – it seems to be not crowded 

use up the capping – if the numbers hit the daily limit/cap

original things – natural scenery