Online Class Notes (Li)


neighbour: someone who lives close/next to you 邻居

neighbourhood: the area near your home 邻近地区;住宅区

when I first started working/when I first entered the workforce

keep fit/exercise

newbie: someone who has just started a new activity 新手


burnt: 烧焦

eg. I don’t like to eat burnt food.

steam: to cook food using steam 蒸(食物)

eg. I think steamed vegetables taste very bland.

set an alarm: set a time on the clock/phone etc.

obedient: willing to do what you’ve been told 顺从的,听话的


livestream: 直播


before I pregnant – before I became pregnant/before I was pregnant

whether we are free time – whether we have free time

you can find a lot of common things together – you can find a lot of things in common in with them/you find that they share common interests with you  

it’s not people that you never know – it’s not people that you’ve never met/don’t know 

two month ago – two months ago

spend more time on bake – spend more time baking