Online Class Notes (Li)[W]


enrich: to improve the quality of something by adding something else 使丰富,使富含;充实

eg. Spending 3 months volunteering abroad helped to enrich my life experiences.

ability: skill needed to do something

eg. She has the ability to make logical decisions in life.

incoming: coming towards  进来的;正来临的

eg. incoming phone calls/emails

participate: take part in an activity 参与,参加

eg. At university, I frequently participated in social events.

eg. It is important for you to participate in this team building event at work.

contemplate: spending some time thinking things through 沉思

eg. I’m contemplating accepting the other job offer.

eg. She is contemplating moving abroad for work.

inquisitive (adj): to learn/discover things as much as you can

eg. She has always been inquisitive as a child.

eg. People like him because he has an inquisitive mind.

become more experienced at/broadening my experiences at/developing ABC skills


I did volunteer at my school – I volunteered at my school

it’s about interview on yesterday – it’s about yesterday’s interview 

to + V infinitive (ex. no -ed,-ing,-s)

ex, like to read 

ex. need to sleep 

ex. want to eat 


Hi, my name is Nell and i am 25 years old. i graduated from the university of ** 3 years ago. my first job after graduation was at Swarovski where i worked as an administrator for 1 year,i have developed the knowledge to perform some Excel functions on the job , deal with telephone application of new retail shop,etc. then i have worked as sales assistant at firmenich for 1.5 years,i was responsible for order the sample and maintain price in SAP etc,i usually like read books,go running in the gym,watch a movie.i think i am an organized person,i am studying BEC and i intend to attend the exam on Sep and gets its certificate,i hope that i will attend to 300 Kilo. riding activity in QinHai within 3-4 years, bcz it can bring me different experiences in my life. i also like attend some international volunteer item such as teaching,go to animal shelter.that is not only connected with the local culture without gap but also rich my life.


Hi, my name is Nell and I am 25 years old. I graduated from the University of ** 3 years ago. My first job after graduation was at Swarovski where I worked as an administrator for 1 year. have developed the ability to perform some Excel functions on the job, deal with incoming telephone communication of new retail shop, etc. Then, I have worked as a sales assistant at Firmenich for 1.5 years. I was responsible for ordering samples and maintaining the price using SAP. In my spare/free time, I usually like to read books, go running in the gym and watching movies. I am an organized person and I am studying the BEC because I intend on attending/taking the exam in September. I hope that I will complete the 300km cycling event in QinHai within 3-4 years because it can enrich my life experiences/it helps me to experience different things in life. I also would like to participate in some international volunteer events/projects such as teaching abroad, helping out at an animal shelter. I hope to use the experience to connect with the/become familiar with the local culture.

*Proper nouns: name of people, school name, company name must be capitalised

*Listing A…B…C etc – you need to include and before the last item on the list

eg. One, two, three and four