Online Class Notes (Li)


myth: an ancient story or set of stories 神话

legend: a very old story that people tell about a famous event or person 传说

welcome you/greet you

pay close attention to them/look after them

dental floss: a thread used for cleaning teeth

deworm: to get rid of worms

eg. I have a hard time deworming my cat.

droplet: a drop of liquid

taking medicine/eating medicine

typhoon: 台风

kidney failure: 肾衰竭


after being busier and busier – after getting busier and busier

the cat finded the way back – the cat found the way back

my cat is kind of like family member to me – my cat is like my family/my cat is a part of my family 

before I leaving home – before I leave/ before leaving my house 

the first cat lived me for around 5 years – the first cat lived for around 5 years


Chicago – she-cargo

bitter – bit-tuh