Online Class Notes (Li)


teleshopping: buying products that are advertised on TV

fewer people shop/buy in-store/offline

stumble upon/come across (sth or someone)

to keep social distance/to maintain social distance

opening/business/operating hours

my current job is to coordinate the Livestream events – my current job/role/responsibilities include coordinating Livestream events

go back to normal – to return to normal

safe guard – security guard

some indoor entertainment – some indoor tourist attractions 

the cinema would keep close – the cinema remains shut/closed 


we already try once before a few weeks ago – we already tried it once a few weeks ago/ we had our first attempt a few weeks ago 

we have a colleague responsible for T-mall – we have a colleague who is responsible for running T-mall

you don’t need to measure your temperature anymore – you don’t need to get your temperature measured/taken anymore

make my hair – get your hair done 

to + V infinitive ( no -ed, -ing, -s etc.)
eg. to eat, to drink, to sleep, to shop