Online Class Notes (Li)


I’m a bit sleepy/drowsy

Biological clock: your body’s natural habit of sleeping, eating etc. at particular times 生理时钟

eg. Taking a long-haul flight can disrupt your biological clock.

12 o’clock midnight/12AM/at midnight

turn on/off – for computer/phone/lights/air-conditioner

open/close – for doors/window/wardrobe

compulsory: not required/necessary

eg. Wearing a uniform is not compulsory on Fridays.


college friends/college mates – 大学同学

more willing: 更愿意


are they any students that come to the office to have class? – Are there any students that go to the office to have class? 

I went out to have a different day – I went out to spend some time outside 

it can you just bring to your home – he can just deliver to your home 

it takes me too much time to wash dishes – it took me too much time to wash dishes

I don’t know which reason is more – I don’t know what’s the reason 

we were very good from college – we have been on very good terms since college/we get along well since college 

she went to America on herself – she went to America on her own/by herself