Online Class Notes (Li)


drastic: extreme in effect or action

eg. Maybe we should try something less drastic first.

eg. The neighbourhood has drastically changed.

dramatic: sudden and extreme

eg. His parents noticed a dramatic change in his behaviour.

disposable: something that can be thrown away after it is used once

eg. disposable masks/toothbrush etc.

healthcare workers/professionals: people who work in healthcare

protective gear: full-body clothes healthcare workers wear at the hospital

matter of life and death: a situation that is extremely serious


going well – doing well/gets better 

no business is running – businesses are shut/closed/businesses have been shutdown  

a really change in our culture, behaviour – a drastic/dramatic change in our culture, behaviour

crazy price – overpriced/unreasonable prices  

the health situation of the patient can collapse in a rush – the overall health of the patient can deteriorate in a rush/rapidly 

this lose of time – the loss of time