Online Class Notes (Li)


bed sheets: 床单

siren: a device for making a loud warning voice

paternal grandfather: from your dad’s side

maternal grandfather: from your mum’s side

graveyard: the place where dead people are buried

Tomb Sweeping Day: 清明节

national holiday/public holiday

litterbox: 猫砂盆


limited 人数 – numbers are limited

five people once – five people at a time 

the seventh day after they dead – the seventh day after they died 

I went to the graveyard on exactly the day – I went to the graveyard on that day/that very day  

I have annual leave days – I have annual leave

I was prepared to go France – I was preparing to go to France

I could see him on the monitor – I could check up on him via the monitor


stubborn – stuh-ben