Online Class Notes (Li)


donation (n): money or goods given to a person etc.

eg. She makes a large donation to help homeless people every year.

donate – verb 

eg. Many people donated to help the local community rebuild itself.

refuse: not agree to do something

eg. I refused the job offer.

eg. He offered to help me but I refused.

100,000 – one hundred thousand (5 zeros)

1,000,000 – one million (6 zeros)


you don’t – you can’t 

how many the population in China – How big is the population of China? What is the population of China? 

the real die – the real/actual death toll 

not resources enough – not enough resources 

how you say you are infected? – How can you tell that you are not infected?/How do you know that you are not infected?  


visas – vee-sas 

three – tres (thr sounds like tre)

home – h (light h sound – like the Columbian accent)

health – hel-ff (th- sounds like f at the end of the word)