Online Class Notes (Li)


line up/queue up

disposable: thrown away after one-time use 一次性

eg. disposable chopsticks/bowls/camera/contact lenses etc.

cutlery: knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks etc. 餐具


squeeze through/get through/get by

give birth/deliver the baby

overseas students/ foreign students/students studying abroad

due date: the date on which a woman’s baby is expected to be born 预产期

eg. The doctor told her that her due date is in ten days.


no, exactly there is less, maybe 20 people – no, in fact, there are fewer people, maybe around 20 or so 

sneak – sneaker 

baby things level – the floor that sells baby products 

most of the companies – most companies are 

parking place – parking space 

when I first to the Costco – when I first went to Costco/when I first visited Costco

if the person’s situation is much emergency than you – if someone’s situation is more urgent than yours 

when the baby grow up – when the baby grows up