Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Be careful of how you use prepositions of time – ‘in’ ‘on’ ‘at’

For months, weeks use ‘on’


I was prepare the file in the afternoon – I was preparing for the files for the afternoon

recently  we have a lot of meeting about project final accounts – recently we had a lot of/many meetings about the final accounts project 

I need organize the project detail and manage the add or drop items totally – I need to organize the details of the project and manage all the items that I need to include or leave out

no I plan to stay at home about few months – No, I plan to stay at home for a few months

plan to have some travellings – plan on travelling/plan to go on trips 

I have one hobby is  practise calligraphy, maybe i ‘ll do it – I have one hobby which is to practice calligraphy

I would like to spend more time to my son – I would like to spend more time with my son

yes.before that i had not enough time to accompany with him – yes, before that I did not have enough time to accompany him

very peace – very peaceful