Online Class Notes (Li)


Read Diary of a wimpy kid.


muffled: a sound that is quiet and not clear

sign up: to participate in a class/event/activity etc. 报名

eg. I signed up for the half a year/6 month course.

take time: 花时间

eg. It takes time to learn a new language.

eg. She took some time to build up her confidence.


they knew/they met

certificate: an official document that shows that the information on it is true 证书;证明

eg. health/marriage/birth/graduation certificate

international/overseas travel

domestic travel

reminisce: to remember the good times in the past 怀念

eg. My grandmother used to reminisce about her childhood.


this week I was busy to study – this week I was busy studying 

the last third class – the third last class

my speaking also improved – my speaking has also improved 

I still have to practice more speaking – I still have to practice speaking more

maybe I’m so lazy – maybe I’m very lazy

the commute to back home – the commute back home 

he didn’t went to see me – he didn’t come to see me

is too long – takes too long 

more emotion for the city – more feelings for the city