Online Class Notes (Li)


bleak: not hopeful or encouraging 惨淡的,无希望的

eg. The current situation is bleak.

eg. Their chances of winning the game were bleak.

president: 总统

prime minister: 总理


convenient: allow you to do something easily方便

eg. I find it convenient to bike to work.

marinade: 腌渍

eg. This dish has been marinaded for 8 hours.

architect: a person whose job is to design new buildings 建筑师

eg. James recommended a famous architect to join this project.

sculpt: to make a piece of art by carving or moulding 雕塑;雕刻

eg. She carefully sculpted the wood.

preserve: keep something in its original state or in good condition 保存

eg. How long can preserved fruits last for?

eg. It is our duty to preserve the environment for future generations.

aged: old

eg. aged cheese/wine/tea

shelf life: 保质期

eg. Fresh fruit has a very short shelf life.


the situation not very good – the situation is not very good/is bleak/hasn’t improved

there are lot of delicious food – there are a lot of delicious food/many delicious foods

I haven’t seen the tofu be cooked – I haven’t seen this tofu being cooked before 

they haven’t a lot of content – they don’t have a lot of content 

I want the government to bought it – I want the government to buy it   

I cannot drink green tea more – I can’t drink too much green tea 

you cannot 保存 green tea for a long time – you cannot preserve green tea/green tea has a short shelf-life 

the pu er is more old more expensive – aged puer is more expensive/costly

if they sick they put on mask – if they get sick they put on a mask