Online Class Notes (Li) [W]

Today we focused on:

Be careful to not mix up your pronouns – I, You, He, She, It, We, They


take a hit: to suffer heavy losses

eg. This year many businesses have taken a hit due to the virus.

salary/pay/wage cut: reducing pay

eg. I was told that I would have my salary cut this season.

eg. Most people would be unhappy to hear that they are getting their pay cut.


Shunfeng told me only 100 masks once time – Shunfeng told me you can only send 100 masks at a time/each time 

i wrap it normally like this – I wrap it like this normally 

she stay at home these days ,but his husband – she stays at home these days, but her husband


but the econimic form seems like badly – the economy seems to be pretty bad/the economy has taken a hit