Online Class Notes (Li)


jerk: silly person

catch (somebody): to see or notice someone doing something wrong 发现

eg. He doesn’t want his mother to catch him playing games at night.

eg. Sarah is afraid that her brother would catch her stealing from the shop again.

clear up: make something easy to understand/clarify

eg. Her sister cleared up any misunderstandings she had about last night.

figure out: to understand or find out by thinking 

eg. I’m trying to figure out a way to do it.

eg. I finally figured out the answer.

growth spurt: suddenly grow taller

eg. My brother hit his growth spurt last summer.

flavour: taste

eg. I like hot pot that has a lot of flavour.

interior: the inner part of something 内部

eg. This restaurant has a beautiful interior.

ruin: to spoil or destroy something 毁掉,破坏

eg. This old town scenery has been ruined by modern hotels.


disappointment: feeling unhappy because something was not what you expected 失望,沮丧

eg. Eating here was a mistake – what a disappointment!

eg. The event turned out to be a huge disappointment.


I underline which one I don’t know – I have underlined the words/phrases that I’m unsure of 

high very fast – grow taller suddenly 

I like some no people or not too many people – I like places that don’t have anyone or have fewer people 

If have not have much work for my school – If I don’t have a lot of school work