Online Class Notes (Li)

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Conditional tense


I’m not sure/I don’t know


present simple – 

She reads a book

I watch a movie

present continuous – at this moment/now

I am listening to music

He is watching a movie

present perfect – present talking about the past

I have eaten my dinner

I have watched a movie

past simple – 

I watched a movie

She read a book

past continuous – What were you doing at that time?

I was watching a movie

They were talking about this game

past perfect –   past perfect —-> past —->now

I had eaten my dinner

I had watched a movie

future simple tense – 

I will go to school

I will swim

future continuous tense – 

will be + Ving

I will be writing a new book

She will be swimming

future perfect – now —>future perfect —>future

I will have eaten dinner by the time you come home

She will have gone to the cinema before you visit her house.

Conditional tense – not real situation/假设

If you do something, what would happen?/What would happen if you do this?

eg. If I ate dinner at 9 pm, I would not be able to sleep at 10 pm.

eg. If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world.