Online Class Notes (Li)


get off -> got off

allocate: to give something to someone to use in a particular way 分配;分派;拨给

eg. We need to determine the best way to allocate our resources.

eg. The government is allocating £10 million for health education.

astrology: 占星学

astronomy: 天文学

intrigue: to make someone interested 很感兴趣

eg. She was intrigued by his sales pitch.

eg. Your idea intrigues me.

boar: wild pig

con: to cheat someone

eg. Con artists often prefer to con older people.

alternative: different choice

eg. What alternative drinks can you offer?

eg. We took an alternative route to avoid the traffic.

benevolent: kind and generous

eg. He is known as a benevolent man for donating to charities.

zodiac: 生肖

superstitious: 迷信

religious: 信仰


my husband pick up me after work – my husband picked me up after work

I want to cover me every part – I want to cover myself completely 

it’s quite busier than before – it’s much busier than before 

supposedly we would move to a new office – we were supposed to move to a new office

the new office is suppose to be more fashionable – the new office is supposed to be more trendy 

ancient smart – old wisdom 

inflect my boss – influence/affect my boss


Base on the discussion yesterday,we updated the Apr. to Jun. in-site media plan for Egg Duo.

We hope that headquarters can support 3.4w for insite media and 100 pcs headphones as gift for the first 100 unboxing users.


Based on the discussion yesterday, we updated the Apr to Jun in-site media plan for Egg Duo.

We hope that the headquarter can allocate 3.4w for in-site media and 100 pcs of headphones as a gift for the first 100 reviewers.