Online Class Notes (Li)


metabolism: 新陈代谢

eg. Exercise is supposed to speed up your metabolism.

charged more money/charged extra/ripped off

doze off: about to fall asleep during day time

eg. I nearly dozed off while waiting for lunch today.

wide-awake: to wake up completely

eg. They were wide-awake when they heard their parents walking in the room.

petrified: extremely frightened

eg. My cat was petrified when I caught him eating the entire bag of cat food.

hooligan: a violent person who fight or causes damage in public places 流氓,恶棍

rather: quite

eg. It’s rather cold today.

eg. She was rather angry when she found out about the truth.

only later did… (sentence structure) – happens after the situation takes place

eg. Only later did she find out that her son had not been going to his classes on Saturdays.


it depends how long need to walk – it depends on how long I need to walk

use it to check the result of apps of google – use it to verify/confirm the estimated time on google maps  


swerve – sw-earth

avoid – uh-void