Online Class Notes (Li)


public transport: 公交

art gallery: 画廊

meaning: 意义;含义

eg. His novels have a hidden meaning.

short: 简写

eg. App is short for application.

professional: 专业

eg. This camera is popular among professionals.

eg. He has 30 years of professional experience.

observation centre: 天文台

take a hit: to suffer heavy losses or be badly affected (by something) 受到打击

eg. Many industries have taken a hit due to the virus.

eg. The airline industry took a hit last year.


not so often to drive – I don’t drive very often 

I can parking my car to the office – I can park my car at the office

a art location of Beijing – an art centre in Beijing

the moon is always change – the moon has many faces 

if I don’t shaking – if I don’t shake 

a lot of people pub on the cloud – a lot of people party online 

I can 打字 – I can type 


moon – moo (long sound)-n