Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Making Complaints


cut in line:插队

eg. Hey, don’t cut in line! Get behind the rest of us!

eg. I hate it when people cut in line.

mentally prepared: 心理建设

eg. Her mother was not mentally prepared to face this situation.

eg. I was not mentally prepared to get the results of my health exam.

loo: toilet (informal)

eg. Let me just pop to the loo.

eg. I’ll wait for you outside the loo.

compensation: money that is paid in exchange for the loss of an item or for some problem

eg. She received 1000 in compensation for a cancelled flight.

eg. You should claim compensation for your lost luggage.


the staff didn’t he or her – the staff didn’t stop him or her 

I have wait over 30 minutes – I have been waiting for over 30 minutes

I went there in lunch time – I went there at around lunchtime


Purpose of email:

I am writing because I wish to complain about …

Asking for a refund:

To resolve this problem, I would like you to…

I think this would be a good gesture on your part if you could…

Signing off – like any formal email

Kind regards/best regards etc.