Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Sentence logic + extra writing exercises


Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year/Spring Festival – don’t mix it up!


adj + noun 

She is a passionate girl.

We have different personalities.

verb + adv 

He played the piano fluently. 

She ate the hamburger quickly. 

*Think about the order before you make your sentences.


so sometimes i use Chinese languages to translate the English.

 received a gift was a bag in Chinese lunar year 2019.

It was a LV duffle bag which was the reward for a past hard year.

i met my best friend in my  high school syudies. we are the different characters she was piano girl full of passion ,i’m a drawing girl like thinking and quiet.


Sometimes, I translate from Chinese to English.

I received a gift during Chinese New Year in 2019. It was a bag.

It was an LV duffle bag which was the reward for working hard in the past year. 

I met my best friend in high school. We are very different/have different personalities. She is a passionate girl who loves to play the piano while I am a quiet girl who loves to think and draw.