Online Class Notes (Li)


however = but

benefits: advantages 好处;优势

eg. The rise in tourists brought many benefits to the town.

eg. What are the benefits of living in school?

weakness: not good or effective 弱点;缺点

eg. His main weakness is that he does not listen well.

eg. I should work on improving my weakness.

feature: 特色,特征,特点

eg. The main feature of this phone is that it has 4 camera lenses.



There are many methods of learning and ways to develop students’ skills.

They have to be more independent and make decisions by themselves.

High school students usually have more fun and they are more carefree.

High school students live in a small, narrow world.

Because we need to pick the best features of high school and university to prepare students for the 21st century.

The movie is about Minecraft. This movie talk about Minecraft’s detail. I like Minecraft so I always watch the videos. One is when he go to the mine to dig the mine.


The video is about Minecraft. This video shows you details about Minecraft. I like Minecraft so I always watch videos about it. One thing I like about the video is when he goes to the mine to dig it.