Online Class Notes (Li)


Write a few sentences about a story that you have read recently. Remember to build up your sentences using conjunctions and punctuation.

Today we focused on:

Practice writing longer sentences + proper use of punctuation


How are you finding _____?/How is _______?


Yes, we back to work this week. I think it’s hard.

Sure I think stay at home is more safe.the virous is terrible.

yes i worry about it.because my parents went to guangzhou before chinese lunaur year.

after they back shanghai stay at home over 20days.i think we are ok


Yes, we are back in work this week. I think it’s hard.

Sure, I think staying at home is safer because the virus is terrible.

Yes, I was worried because my parents went to Guangzhou before Chinese New Year.

After they came back/returned to Shanghai, they stayed at home for over 20 days so I think we are fine/virus-free/safe