Online Class Notes (Li)


jet-lagged: a tired and unpleasant feeling that you sometimes get when you travel by plane airplane to a place that is far away

eg. I am jet-lagged from my trip abroad.

adjust: to change in order to work or do bettie in a new situation

eg. It takes a while to adjust to a new environment.

rate: to make a judgement about the quality, ability, or value of (someone or something)

eg. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your trip?

hassle: a situation (causing) difficulty or trouble 麻烦,困难

eg. I can’t face the hassle of moving again.

eg. It was such a hassle to travel with two large suitcases!

to flag down a taxi/to hail a taxi: to signal the taxi with your arms to stop 辆出租车

eg. The tour guide told me to never flag down a taxi on the street.

tour group: 旅行团

tour guide: 导游

prawns: 虾

Soviet Union: 苏联

thick: 厚

eg. thick walls

driver: 司机

visa: 签证


the buildings are not together – the buildings are not very neat/tidy

more delicious than Chinese juice drink – more delicious than Chinese juices

I don’t use to the food- I’m not used to the food

Two o’clock afternoon – Two in the afternoon

how much money they earn – how much money do they earn?

half of Chinese … – half of Chinese prices

the walls are very thick to keep warm – the walls are very thick and it helps to keep warm/insulate

the strange people they arrest – the strange people were arrested

the police 不管 – the police don’t care

he did not do good – he did not do a good job

one person (singular),  two people (plural)


sour – sow-er