Online Class Notes (Li)


Pick a movie to watch and tell me the story next class.


overcooked: 把…煮得太熟

eg. The chicken was overcooked and dry.

view: 风景

eg. This restaurant has a view of the riverbank.

phrase: a set of words used to express a meaning 短语

society: 社会

develop: 成长, 发展

eg. Work experience can help students to develop life skills.

independent: 独立

eg. She learnt to be independent at a young age.

serious: not funny or joking 严肃的,认真的

eg. He is always so serious.

eg. John started to study seriously when he went to university.

1st – first

2nd – second

3rd – third

4th, 5th, 6th….and so on – fourth, fifth, sixth

skills: 技能

eg. What type of skills do you want to learn?

methods: ways

eg. There are many methods for you to cut this apple.

eg. I am looking for a better method to finish my homework quickly.

assignment: homework

carefree: 无忧无虑的

eg. She has a very carefree life.

narrow: 狭窄的

eg. This street is very narrow.


eg. The aim of this task is to challenge your skills.

eg. He doesn’t like to be challenged.

century: 世纪

eg. This is the 21st century,


essay – air-say

society – so-sai-ya-tee

individual – in-dee-vi-due-al

develop – dee-vah-lop

rely – re-lie

success – suh-sess