Online Class Notes (Li)


storage room: 倉庫

repackage: to put something into another service

Time – Two o’clock (in the morning/afternoon) or 2 am/pm (not both) 

recently: 最近

eg. Have you seen any good films recently?

trimester: a three -month period 三月期

eg. I am currently in my third trimester.

pessimistic: 悲观

eg. She is a very pessimistic person.


are your store open – Is your shop open?

new infection people has been zero for 5 days – the number of infections has not increased during these five days

afternoon at 2 pm – two o’clock in the afternoon /2pm 

it’s 70 days before my due date – my due date is in 70 days

they have quarantine – they have to be quarantined 

some hotel provide – some hotels provide

they have a special floor for people who is quarantined – they have a special floor for people who need to be quarantined

it will give my influence bad effect very long time – it will badly influence my business for a very long time

it will make people hopeful – it will let/allow people to remain hopeful

people are optimism – people are optimistic 

the intensity is less – you feel less anxiety