Online Class Notes (Li)


Look at the last review – “The Riverside”. What did the reviewer like about the place? What did he/she dislike?

Today we focused on:

Restaurant reviews


livestream: 直播

physics: 物理

review: a person’s opinion of a book, play, film, restaurant etc. 评论

eg. I read the reviews before deciding whether I want to go to the restaurant.

eg. This restaurant has received many positive reviews.

search for: look for information on the computer, phone etc.

eg. I searched the internet for the nearest car rental.

disappointment: the feeling of being unimpressed 失望,沮丧

eg. Get the tickets early to avoid disappointment.

eg. The party was a disappointment.

service: 服务

eg. The service at this restaurant is awful.

eg. You have to pay for the service at fancy restaurants.

extremely: very 非常

eg. The kids are extremely loud.

quality: how good or bad something is 质量

eg. The food was of such poor/low quality.

setting: 环境

eg. The restaurant setting is too dark.

excellent value for money: 聚划算

eg. What a bargain, excellent value for money!

unfortunately: 不幸地;倒霉地

eg. Unfortunately, we can’t come this evening after all.

eg. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about your problem.

interior design: 室内装潢设计

eg. This museum is famous for its interior design.

staff: 员工

eg. I do not like the unfriendly staff at this restaurant.


scent – cent

orchard – or-kid

curry – kah-re

quality – quo-lee-tee

steak – stake