Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

The body


grade 2:  2年级

eg. I am in grade 2.

change: 换, 改

eg. What can you change it to?  你可以改成什么?

body: 身体

body parts: 身体部位

touch: 摸,碰

eg. Touch your nose.

eg. Do not touch the food on the table.


eg. Show me your left ear.


eg. I write with my right hand.

chin: 下巴

thumb: 拇指

tooth (one):

teeth (two +):

foot (one):

feet (two +):


I like eat pizza – I like to eat pizza/I like pizza

I like to play games

he is fatter me – he is fatter than me

taller than 

shorter than 

he likes read book – he likes to read books

I have short, black hair

I have one foot/two feet

I have one tooth/many teeth