Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:


globe: the world

eg. She wants to travel around the globe.

jetting off: flying off

eg. Jetting off on holiday has become affordable thanks to budget airlines.

aviation companies: plane companies

bn: short for billion

gallon: 加仑

minimise: decrease

eg. We should aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

sustainable: causing little to no damage in the long- run able to continue for a long time

eg. Is this sustainable to the environment in the long-run?

capacity: the ability to do something

eg. She has a great capacity for hard work.

eg. This task is beyond his capacity to complete.

neutral: 中立的

eg. He always remains neutral when his friends get involved in arguments.

offset: to pay for things that will reduce CO2 in order to reduce the damage caused by CO2 that you produce

eg. We offset all our long-haul flights

point out: to bring attention to someone or something

eg. She points out my mistakes in front of my friends and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

green: related to environmental protection

eg. Airliners are working to ensure that air travel is as green as possible.


budget: buh-jet

minimising: mini-mai-zing