Online Class Notes (Li)


to burn (something): to overcook food

I burnt the mushroom porridge.

(send you) the link: 连结

eg. Would you like to click on the link?

pleading: asking for something in a serious or emotional way

eg. The residents were pleading with the government to not destroy their home.

sand dune: a hill of sand near an ocean or in a desert 沙丘

grafitti: 涂鸦

coastal: 岸

banner: a large piece of paper or cloth that has writing or pictures on it

At the tourist attraction, there is a large banner that says ” Do not paint on the walls”

defacing: to ruin the surface of something with writing or pictures

eg. The tourists defaced the sand dunes by putting graffiti in the sand.

to tell/communicate with tourists 

some places/sites/attractions 


coastal: coast-al

pleading: pa-lead-ing

dune: due-nn

graffiti: gra-fee-ti