Online Class Notes (Li)


Write a review of your favourite TV show. Use the questions below to help you.

Today we focused on:

Film and TV show


episode: 一集

eg. I have watched 3 episodes already.

season: 一季

eg. How many seasons are there?

eg. The 4th season came out this year.

TV show/series: 电视剧

so far: until now 到目前为止

eg. What do you like about the trip so far?

plot: the story of a movie, tv-show, book etc.

eg. The plot of this movie is very interesting.

historical/period drama: 古装戏

bodyguards: 保安

basement: 地下室

genre: 风格,类型

eg. What genre does the book fall into?

eg. Most TV shows have at least two genres.

main character/protagonist: 主角

eg. The male protagonist is my favourite character.

eg. The main character is very brave.

classic: 经典的

eg. It is a classic!

eg. I’ve always enjoyed reading classic novels.

poison(v): 毒害,使中毒

eg. He said that someone had poisoned his coffee.

eg. He was poisoned by his brother.

animated movie/s: 动画片

spoilers: 透剧

eg. Don’t reveal any spoilers!

eg. Spoilers Alert!

setting: time and place where the story takes place 剧情背景

eg. The story is set in a school.

eg. Where is the setting of this movie?

thriller: 惊悚

eg. I love to watch thrillers.

stuffed: 吃撑的

eg. I’m stuffed!

eg. He stuffed himself with so much cake that he couldn’t walk anymore.


played very great – played very well 

a lot of people comment that it’s good – many people agreed that it’s good/fantastic/a classic! 


Consider these questions when you are writing a film review:

What is the title of the film?

What genre is it?

Provide a brief plot overview.

Is it based on a book?

Where/when is the film set?

Who stars in the film?

Who plays the main character?

Who is your favourite character?

Who would you recommend this film to?

You can also leave an overall rating of the film.