Online Class Notes (Li)


property: a building or area of land, or both together 房产,地产,房地产

eg. He owns a number of properties on the south coast.

pharmaceutical: relating to the production of medicines 制药的

eg. pharmaceutical industry/company/research

pharmacy: 药店

waterfall: 瀑布

volcano: 火山

eg. Volcanic eruptions can change the shape of the land.

hotspring: 溫泉

board plane: 登機

eg. I am going to board the plane soon.

Tuesday: 星期二


I have business in the petrol chemical business – I work in the petrol chemical branch/department 

I ordered a 民宿 – I made a reservation at a homestay

It didn’t open on the first Monday of the month – it’s not open on the first Monday of each month 

the head of the queen – the queen’s head