Online Class Notes (Li)


reunion dinner: 团圆饭

sapphire: 蓝宝石

ruby: 红宝石

developed (country): 发达国家

opposite – undeveloped (country)

eg. He has not been to an undeveloped country.

first world countries = 发达国家

third world countries = 未开发国家

group tour: 組團旅行

eg. There are many group tours at the airport.

cruise: 游轮

standard of living: 生活水平

eg. The standard of living in many developing countries is low.

cut in line: 插队

eg. I hate people who cut in line at the check-outs.


I’m not going to a trip – I’m not going on trip

we need to gathering the whole family together – we are having a big family gathering 

model – modern 

the most thing I worry about – my biggest worry is,… 

they need somebody to tell them the restaurant – they need somebody to suggest/recommend them to restaurants etc. 

online buy – online shop 

these 大妈 have three principles when travelling – these middle-aged ladies have three distinct traits…. 

expire date – expiry date