Online Class Notes (Li)


I’ll relax/I’ll take a break

What is the plot about?/Can you summarise the movie?

amaze – verb 

eg. Indian movies amaze me.

eg. You will be amazed by the details in this novel.

amazing – adjective 

eg. The performance is amazing, I will watch it again!

father figure: an older man who you treat like a father 父亲般的人

eg. The villagers respect the chief because he is the father figure of the village.

big matters/important matters/issues – things that are important


when talking about general things – use the simple tense

eg. She goes to school with her friends. They take the bus together.

eg. The boy was at school yesterday. He came home at 6 pm.

Writing exercise

what main point about the movie – What’s the main point of the movie?

sure.i don’t know much about this country .but indian’s movie always amazing me – sure, I don’t know much about this country, but Indian movies always amaze me

in the movie that actor truly like my father. strict and delicates feeling – In the movie, the character is like my father – strict and delicate 

he treat me so strict – he is so strict/he is strict towards me 

he gave me some suggestions in big things.but he stricr to me in my daily life – he gives me some advice on big matters, but he is strict to me in my daily life