Online Class Notes (Li)


contact lens: 隐形眼镜

swollen (adj): larger than usual

eg. Her face is very swollen.

I’m usually in a hurry/I’m quite urgent

homestay: a type of holiday in which you stay at someone’s home 民宿

eg. My aunt runs a homestay on a small island.

drizzle: very small drops of rain 毛毛雨

eg. It was beginning to drizzle, you should go indoors.

pedal: to push a bike forward with your feet

eg. How fast can you pedal a bike?

cashier: a person whose job is to receive and pay money in a shop, restaurant and bank etc. 收银员

eg. The cashier is very friendly and helpful.

souvenir: something that is kept as a reminder of a place you have visited or an event etc. 

eg. I bought many souvenirs on my last holiday.

emperor: a king 皇帝


For the last time – last time/trip 

it’s around closed – it’s almost closing time 

from her teenager age – from her teenage years