Online Class Notes (Li)


trial and error: to try repeatedly until you succeed

eg. I finally found the right way to solve this problem after some trial and error.

eg. Before launching a new product you have to go through the process of trial and error.

litterbox: 猫砂盆

top-up: add value to your card, phone etc.

eg. You can top-up at the store nearby.

eg. How much do you want to top-up?

blacklist(n): to put someone or people on a list that should be avoided etc. 黑名单

eg. He is on the company’s blacklist.

blacklist – verb

eg. They were blacklisted after leaving a negative review on Dianping.

burn a hole in sb’s pocket: when someone with money feels the need to spend it quickly

eg. My allowance is burning a hole in my pocket – I spent too much on food so now I don’t have enough money to pay the rent.

rollerblading (v): 轮滑

rollerblade – noun


my maths is failed – I failed my maths (test)