Online Class Notes (Li)


Write a short story or make some sentences using the vocabulary from the past 2 classes.


weather forecast: a summary of what the weather is like in the next few days 天气预报

eg. What is the weather forecast for next week?

eg. Have you heard today’s weather forecast?

across from/opposite: 对面

fall off bicycle – to get off the bicycle suddenly 

eg. I fell off the bicycle when I was learning how to ride it.

eg. Don’t fall off the bicycle/bike, you’ll get hit by a car.

pass down: to teach or give something to someone after you have died 把…传给后人,把…往下传

eg. The family’s business passed down for 3 generations.

eg. My grandmother’s ring was passed down to my sister.

life jacket: 救生衣,救生背心

sneak: go somewhere secretly or to take someone/something somewhere secretly 偷偷地走,潜行;偷带,偷拿

eg. Adam sneaked in through the window while the guard wasn’t looking.

eg. My sister might sneak her friends into the party.

four and a half hours/one and a half-hour


class of the swim – swimming class 

I can’t explain my want to explain – I can’t express my thoughts properly