Online Class Notes (Li)


the sun is very strong/bright/glaring

midnight/12 AM/12 in the morning

packaging: the materials in which products are wrapped in 包装

eg. Many children are attracted to colourful packaging.

eg. Some companies put a lot of effort into designing packaging.

zip up: close the zip of your pants/jacket/camp etc. 拉上…的拉链

eg. Zip up your jacket, it’s cold.

eg. Everyone made fun of the biology teacher because he forgot to zip his pants up.

picnic(n/v): to go outdoors to have a premade meal of sandwiches, drinks etc. 野餐

eg. The weather’s nice today, let’s have a picnic.

eg. I saw my cousins picnicking in the park.

spring: a piece of metal that can be pressed down and released 弹簧

eg. I broke the bed with many springs.

just now: a very short time ago 刚刚,刚才

eg. Zoe took a nap just now.


from A to B – 从(这里)到(那里)

eg. from SH to HZ

eg. It’s a 3-hour drive from SH.

to B – 到(一个地方)

eg. It’s a 1-hour train ride to HZ.