Online Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Reading and Discussion


acquired taste: something that you dislike at first, but you start to like it after a few times

eg. Coffee is an acquired taste.

sour: tastes like lemon 酸的

eg. I don’t like bitter and sour coffee.

salty: like salt 咸的

eg. This burger is way too salty!

addiction: unable to stop wanting or doing something

eg. Everyone noticed that he had been trying to hide his alcohol addiction.

eg. His family persuaded him to get treatment for his addiction.

urge: desire

eg. Stella had the urge to tell her sister the truth.

flavouring: something added to food or drinks to give them a particular taste

craving: a strong feeling of wanting something

eg. Cheryl’s craving for chocolate is an extreme case.

reluctant: not willing to do something so you do it slowly 勉强的;不情愿的

eg. My cousins were having such a good time at the park that they were reluctant to leave.

eg. She’s reluctant to talk openly with her parents.


fully story – full story

I’m not very like chocolate – I didn’t really like chocolates 

it may harm to my body – it may be harmful to my body


Cheryl – Sha-rull

anxiety – an-xy-a-tee

addiction – uh-dict-tion