Online Class Notes (Joe) (speaking)

Today we focused on:

We talked about movies and learned vocabulary to describe a movie.


a twist – a surprise in a story
There was a big twist at the end

protagonist – the main character in the story
The protagonist was an orphan

orphan – someone without a mother or father
The orphan was adopted by a kind man


twist – /twɪst/

spoiler – /ˈspɔɪlə/

Speaking exercise

Yesterday evening, I watch a movie. The name is The Goldfinch. Have you watch it?

The movie little sad. The ending is very good. The story about one boy grow up. When he is a child, his mom dead and his father gone with other woman. The children’s childhood very dangerous and poor.  The children is little luck. He meet a friendly person. The man allow the boy stay in his home and grow up. I think the story is very interesting and some surprise in this story

Yesterday evening, I watched a movie called The Goldfinch. Have you watched it?

The movie is a little sad but the ending is very good. The story is about a boy growing up. When he was a child his mom died and his father has gone with another woman. His childhood was very dangerous and poor. Then, he had a little luck. He met a friendly person who adopted him and allowed him to live in his home until he was grown up. I think the story is very interesting and there are some twists.